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Welcome to our company!

We are the top fiber cement felt manufactory in china. With more than 20 years experience in fiber cement industry.we service more than 80 fiber cement company in china.

we provide Hatschek machine felt and Flow on process machine felt for FC industry. With customer demanded ,we also trade some accessroy for FC company, such as S.S wires mesh,abrasive belt etc..

We also provide FC board trading information by customer requirement,more than 80 FC manufctory resource get ready for you.

Featured Products

Hatschek Machine Felt


Quickly star-up

Good dewatering

Smooth surface

Good strength

Flow_On Machine Felt

Good dewatering

Smooth surface

Good strength

Long life time

Fiber Cement Board

Fiber cement Board

Calcium silicate board

Cement insulation board

Stain Steel Wire Mesh

Endless SS wire mesh

No seam mark

Easy clearn

Long lift time