Caution when using fiber cement felt

High acid concentrations on the felt. when washing the felt, carefully dilute with water. Because of the FC felt is PA6 or PA66.

Flocculants concentrations

Huge quantity of flocculants leads to early clogging of the felt due to the high PH value on the felt itself.

Flocculants not diluted properly can cause stains on the felt where subsequently there would no drainage.

Felt stretcher

If the pressure on the felt stretcher is pneumatic or hydraulic, keep control of the adjusting devices to avoid excessive pressure. The recommended tensions, depending on machine configuration, speed and production, can

range from 2 kg per linear cm. after the forming bole up to 4 kg per linear cm. over the film drying vacuum boxes and before the forming roller.

Automatic felt guide – must always be well adjusted so it doesn’t correct the felt at intervals too long which could cause the felt to get folded.

Scroll roll – if necessary, we advise that the same be of rubber material.

Suction box cover – it is advisable that they be made from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene(UHMW-PE) to avoid contents of hard or ferrous micro- particles that come from recycled resins that can damage the felt